Hooked On Fishing (and Conservation)

Jean Vanier High School in Collingwood has a Fishing Club and a Get Outdoors Club. Over the past three years our Georgian Triangle Anglers’ Association and these clubs have developed a unique relationship that is beneficial to both groups and to fish habitat in local waters. This relationship has been aided by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters.

J.YH.S. staff advisors Dave Godin and Jonathon Murphy have the following to say about their clubs and the G.T.A.A..,

“Our Fishing and Get Outdoors Club is the largest club in our school and, we have been told, the largest in the province. Many of our members are students who otherwise would not be involved in drama, sports, choir, band, students’ council etc.

Although we are primarily a fishing club, we have become involved with the G.T.A.A. and also members of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. Our mandate is to make our students aware of the importance of being stewards of creation and to help them become responsible, conservation-minded citizens.

“Since our club began three years ago, we have been heavily involved with stream rehabilitation projects ori the Pretty River and on Silver Creek. Our students love to participate on these work days and the benefits are numerous. Our Work days are organized by Dave Hodgetts and other members of the G.T.A.A. As teachers, it gives us great pleasure to see our students donating their-time and energy to such worthwhile causes, whether it be tree planting, beaver dam removal, stream bank stabilization, erosion control or stream maintenance and clean-up.

The growing relationship between our students and the G.T.A.A. members is a treat to observe. The students’ abundant energy and hard work puts a smile on the senior members’ faces and, of course, the barbeque following each work day is enjoyed by all. The students see many members of the adult community donating countless volunteer hours in the area of conservation.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the executive and members of the Georgian Triangle Anglers’ Association, The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and to all entrants in this year’s Spring Trout Derby. Your support and participation are much appreciated.